How To Jump from a Speeding Car

It may be the classic Hollywood scenario. However, although it is unlikely for a villain to sever your brake lines, it is more likely for your brakes to fail in the real world. In this case, you may need to make a jump from a moving vehicle. We have got your back! Follow these steps:

1. Open the door as wide as possible to lower your chances of getting snagged or caught when releasing your inner manly jump.

2. Look ahead for a good place to land, preferably something soft on your manly body.

3. Launch yourself at an angle perpendicular to the car's movement so you minimise the chance of rolling back toward the road when you land.

4. Tuck yourself into a ball, and brace your head by lowering it to your manly chest.

5. When you land, roll to spread out the impact as much as possible.

6. Fight off any villains, and get checked by paramedics ASAP!